How to Identity & Inverse Properties of Algebra in Math for Middle School?

Answer The identity and inverse properties are the very essence of algebra. Middle school students need familiarity with the number line, negative numbers and fraction division before working with these c... Read More »

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Free Math Games for Middle School & High School?

It is natural for people to play, and people of all ages play in many different forms. Help Guide, a consumer assistance organization, says that play is a way of opening a door to learning. When pa... Read More »

Middle School Math Art Projects?

Combining art and math can be an effective way to teach math concepts to your middle school students. There are projects that use measurement, shapes, graphing and other math concepts to create wor... Read More »

How to Do Ratios for Middle School Math?

A ratio compares the quantity of two items or measurements and is expressed as the quotient of the two numbers. Typical ratios are formatted as x/y, x:y or "x-to-y," and show the relationship betwe... Read More »

How to Use Manipulatives in Middle School Math?

Students learn best when they are active rather than passive in their learning. One way to lead students in learning actively in math is to use manipulatives. Manipulatives are physical objects stu... Read More »