How to Identify the Negative & Positive Wire for a Stereo Speaker?

Answer When working with stereo speakers, you may find that the positive and negative speaker wires are not marked. This is confusing and can lead to accidentally reversing the polarity of the speakers, m... Read More »

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Using two positive wires to a speaker instead of a positive and a negative?

The positive subwoofer output is putting out more power than the regular speaker outputs do. The positive and negatives will actually not make a difference in most cases, but could harm some systems.

How do u tell if a wire is positive or negative?

Technically, a wire really isn't positive or negative, it's about what the wire is connected to. If you're trying to figure out if a wire in something built in a factory or something is postive or ... Read More »

Which speaker wire is positive?

Speaker wire, which comes as two separate wires encased together, is neither positive nor negative. If you have connected one wire to the positive post of the receiver or amp, that same wire must b... Read More »

Stereo speaker wire?

Its not very good wire the CCA stands for "copper clad aluminum" in other words its not real copper wire its aluminum... You need good copper wire for best results... also Oxygen Free Cooper wire ... Read More »