How to Identify the Mint Marks on Roman Coins?

Answer The Roman Empire encompassed modern-day Europe, north Africa and parts of the Middle East, stretching from Spain to Palestine during its heyday. Romans began minting coins at the beginning of the t... Read More »

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Who created Roman coins?

The Republic of Rome developed the very first Roman coins. The system of barter was exchanged at first for crude lumps of bronze and then eventually the first true Roman coin, the Aes Signatum, was... Read More »

Who were on Roman coins?

The likenesses of Roman gods, significant past emperors, and the sitting emperor typically adorned ancient Roman coins. Gods you may see on Roman coins include Mars, Apollo, Roma and Jupiter. Speci... Read More »

Why were Roman coins made?

Coins are among the most abundant archaeological artifacts from the Roman Empire. Their value was dependent on the metal from which they were made, but their art and motifs gives them a greater val... Read More »

How much are Roman coins worth?

Roman coin values vary widely based on desirability. A rare coin is not valuable if there is no demand from collectors. Common coins may be worth several dollars. Desirable examples in top conditi... Read More »