How to Identify the Coefficient of Each Term of the Polynomial?

Answer Polynomials are expressions that contain one or more terms. A term consists of a constant that multiplies one or more variables and is referred to as the coefficient. For example, in the polynomial... Read More »

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How to Identify a Numerical Coefficient of a Term?

In algebra, a term is a part of a mathematical expression or equation. It can contain letters, called variables, coefficients, which are the numbers immediately preceding the variable, and constant... Read More »

How to Identify the Degree of Each Term of the Polynomial?

Most schools teach students how to identify the degree of a term in a polynomial in a pre-algebra course. Students must be familiar with a few algebraic concepts before attempting this task, such a... Read More »

Factoring a Four-Term Polynomial?

Factoring is learned in high school math and used throughout college math courses. The equations will start out small to make learning the processes easier. With time, the equations will become lar... Read More »

How to Identify if a Polynomial Is the Difference of Squares?

The difference of squares allows you to use a special formula to factor a polynomial, so you can eliminate some of the calculations you usually need. The formula for the difference of squares is x^... Read More »