How to Identify the Bodies in Space That Emit Light?

Answer Every object that has a temperature above absolute zero emits electromagnetic radiation, or light. In space, countless celestial objects emit light ranging from low-energy radio waves to high-energ... Read More »

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Do all light bulbs emit the same color of spectra of light?

No. Light bulbs of different technologies and types will emit light of different colors. Although the human eye will perceive any of them, to be white, they typically have different shades within... Read More »

Do computer screens emit uv light?

Cathode ray tube (CRT) computer screens have been found to emit low levels of UV light, but not enough to damage the eyes, even throughout a lifetime of use. Liquid crystal display (LCD) computer s... Read More »

Do lasers use diodes to emit light?

Some lasers use diodes to emit light. Diode lasers are often found in commercial products such as CD and DVD players, where the highest intensities of light are not needed. Diode lasers are smaller... Read More »

Do fluorescent light bulbs emit mercury?

Fluorescent light bulbs do not emit mercury, but they do contain the substance. The most pertinent danger of fluorescent light bulbs is when the bulbs break on the way the landfill and leak mercury... Read More »