How to Identify the Axle Ratio on a 1999 Suburban?

Answer Knowing the axle ratio for your 1999 Chevrolet Suburban is required if you want to change ratios to either improve towing and pulling power, by moving to a lower (numerically higher) ratio, or impr... Read More »

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How to Find a Truck Axle Ratio?

Knowing your truck's axle ratio is important information if you are reprogramming you speedometer computer or want to replace the gears to retain your truck's stock acceleration after installing la... Read More »

How to Change an Axle Gear Ratio From 3.73 to 4.10?

Swapping the gear set in your vehicle from a 3.73 to 4.10 ratio will provide slightly better acceleration, at the price of slightly worse fuel economy. While the exact procedure for swapping gears ... Read More »

How to Determine the Axle Ratio in a Dodge Ram?

When determining the axle ratio in a Dodge Ram for the purpose of changing to a different ratio, several things should be considered. On newer vehicles, the shift points in the transmission, the sp... Read More »

How to Figure an Axle Gear Ratio?

If you have a hot rod, a restoration project or if you're looking for the best towing performance, chances are you want to know what your gear ratio is. A numerically low gear ratio can deliver lo... Read More »