How to Identify the 1969 Mustang E?

Answer The Mustang E was a rare model of the classic pony car, manufactured only in 1969. The Mustang E was geared not for power, but for economy. This shift in focus was unexpected to Mustang fans and no... Read More »

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How to Disassemble a 1969 Mustang?

Disassembly is the first step in any automotive restoration. Total disassembly is important because each part must be individually inspected to determine whether it can be reused or must be replace... Read More »

1969 Mustang Facts?

1969 was a revolutionary year for Mustang---it was the year in which many radical styling changes were made. There were also a variety of models that were produced; the 1969 model was and still rem... Read More »

How do I Install a 1969 Mustang Headliner?

Restoring classic vehicles such as a 1969 Ford Mustang can be a fun and rewarding hobby. It can even be profitable with the appropriate knowledge and resources. The hobby can also be a very frustra... Read More »

Specs of a 1969 Mustang Mach I?

In 1969, Ford experienced a peak year for Mustang production. Seven high-performance models were offered, featuring nine V8 engine variations. The Mach 1 was a mid-level model, between the GT and B... Read More »