How to Identify an Agar Plate Colony?

Answer You can inoculate an agar plate with microorganisms that are swabbed from your hands, desk or the handle on the restroom door. Colonies develop as microorganisms multiply. These colonies are visibl... Read More »

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What is a nutrient agar plate?

Scientists have a variety of methods at their disposal when they need to cultivate microorganisms such as bacteria. One method involves growing the bacteria in special plates called Petri dishes. S... Read More »

Organisms That Grow on a Nutrient Agar Plate?

Nutrient agar is used in laboratory experiments as a culture medium for growing microorganisms. Commercial agar is extracted from certain types of red-purple marine algae. You can also make your ow... Read More »

How to Identify the Symptoms of Colony Collapse Disorder?

Colony collapse disorder (CCD) has been reported in the USA and it continues to be under investigation. It is not clear what causes it yet but it does seem that there may be more than one cause. CC... Read More »

Why are agar slants better than agar plates to maintain cultures?

Agar slants are the preferable media option for the long-term maintenance of bacterial cultures since they do not dehydrate as quickly as agar plates. This allows slants to be maintained for a peri... Read More »