How to Identify a Wheel Lug Pattern?

Answer The phrase “lug pattern” refers to the number of holes on a car or truck wheel through which bolts are attached, and how far apart the holes are. For a given wheel to fit on a particular vehicl... Read More »

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How to Convert a 5 Lug Wheel into a 6 Lug Wheel Pattern?

A wheel attaches to your car with bolts that come out of the hub and through holes in the wheels themselves. Manufacturers use several different bolt patterns for this attachment, and sometime a c... Read More »

How to Identify a Lug Pattern?

Understanding the bolt pattern on the wheels of your car is crucial when you want to buy new rims.You will need to know the number of lugs on your car and the distance between them to select rims t... Read More »

How can i identify my pfaltzgraff pattern?

If you have received a new Pfaltzgraff pattern from a friend or inherited an old one from a relative, you may not know the official name of the pattern--especially if the dinnerware did not come in... Read More »

How can I identify a Pfaltzgraff pattern?

Johann George Pfaltzgraff, a German immigrant, moved to Pennsylvania in the 1830s to join a relative, George Falsgraff, a potter there since 1811. Pfaltzgraff taught his sons the pottery trade, and... Read More »