How to Identify a Ring and Pinion?

Answer The ring and pinion gear set, used to increase torque and power output in all-wheel-drive vehicles, is easily identifiable by its unique shape. The pinion, a bolt-shaped piece with a flared head at... Read More »

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How to Check a Ring & Pinion?

The ring and pinion are automotive gears located on the rear end of a vehicle. The pinion gear is like a series of spiraling teeth that revolve around a spear-like pin. The ring gear is a round gea... Read More »

How to Break in a Ring & Pinion?

After replacing a ring & pinion gear set on your vehicle, it's important to break in the gears before towing or driving the vehicle hard. The break-in procedure is not difficult to perform, however... Read More »

How Do I Set Up a Ring & Pinion in a Differential?

The ring and pinion of a differential is a series of interlocking teeth that spin the axle shafts and tires of a vehicle. Each vehicle has specific measurements for the ring and pinion, all the way... Read More »

How to Install a Ring & Pinion in a Jeep?

According to the 4WD and Sport Utility website, it is not uncommon for individuals to replace the ring and pinion gears. At times it is necessary to replace them due to wear. However, the website e... Read More »