How to Identify a Pennsylvania Bug?

Answer Pennsylvania residents who find an invasive insect to be affecting their person, home or property have several tools available to them for help in identifying the specific insect. Some insects can ... Read More »

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How do you identify pennsylvania flowers?

Many types of flowers grow in Pennsylvania, both the wild and cultivated variety. They might be annuals or perennials or they might be flowers that grow on shrubs or vines. If you've come across on... Read More »

Do you need a Pennsylvania drivers licence to get Pennsylvania auto insurance?

Answer no you jsut need to be incognito everybody knows that>.> Answer noo you dont njsut need to be incognito

Can you get a job at 13 in Pennsylvania?

The Federal Fair Labors Standards Act prohibits the employment of children younger than 14, except for children employed in agriculture, children working at home, children delivering newspapers, an... Read More »

GED Requirements in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania's Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma is the product of the state's General Educational Development Test. For students who find themselves unable to complete their K-12 course of stu... Read More »