How to Identify a Hobo Spider?

Answer The Hobo Spider is a recent introduction in the Pacific Northwest. Implicated in numerous cases of necrosis, the Hobo Spider is the least known of the dangerous spiders in the USA. The two other co... Read More »

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I got bit by a hobo spider...?

Bites from hobo spiders are not known to cause seizures. In fact, actual studies on the hobo spider's venom shows inconclusive results, and suggest that the spider isn't dangerous at all.Are you s... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of a Hobo Spider Bite?

The hobo spider, Tegenaria agrestis, is a funnel-web spider that sometimes lives in people's houses; its bite is mildly poisonous and leads to a condition sometimes called tegenarianism. Though som... Read More »

How to Identify a Trapdoor Spider?

Trapdoor spiders (Ctenizidae) build burrows in the ground with a cork-like trapdoor made of soil and vegetation. They line their tube-shaped burrows with silk. Trapdoor spiders construct a hinged, ... Read More »

How to Identify a Redback Spider?

If you live in Australia, you probably know that venomous Redback spiders live in almost every area of the country. If you plan to visit Australia, you need to know that the female Redback spider b... Read More »