How to Identify a Face Rash?

Answer There are several reasons a person's face may break out. Your face may be sensitive to certain types of soaps, lotions and creams. Viral and bacterial infections may cause a rash to develop. Many a... Read More »

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How to Identify a Rash?

It can be hard to tell the difference between dry itchy skin and a rash. Rashes are caused by allergies, bacteria, fungus and immune deficiencies. While most rashes are not threatening, they can in... Read More »

What can I use on my face for a rash?

When deciding which treatment to use for a rash on the face, the cause must first be determined. In some cases, home treatment may be used. If the rash affects the nose or lips, seek medical advice... Read More »

What is causing the rash on my face?

A rash (dermatitis) on the face is hard to miss. It might be caused by allergies, illnesses, skin conditions, insect bites and more. To determine the cause, you may need to play detective or consul... Read More »

How to Heal a Face Rash?

Facial rashes can flare up seemingly out of nowhere, causing self-consciousness and embarrassment. Rashes have a lot of different causes. Most are allergic reactions to food or to allergens that to... Read More »