How to Identify a Cocoa Plant?

Answer The cocoa plant produces a pod that contains cocoa seed, chocolate's key ingredient. These plants grow in tropical climates with high humidity and temperatures. Commercial cocoa production often oc... Read More »

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How do I grow the cocoa plant?

Preparation and PlanningChoose a location that fits the cocoa tree, which needs constant warmth and water, but also partial shade. Select a spot that is close to a building or other trees, to provi... Read More »

Facts on the Cocoa Plant?

Chocolate lovers can thank the theobroma cacao tree for producing cocoa, the main ingredient in their favorite treat. Stimulants theobromine and caffeine naturally occur in cocoa, which comes from ... Read More »

What is the scientific name for the plant that produces cocoa beans?

The scientific name for the plant that produces cocoa beans is Theobroma cacao, named by a Swedish physicist in the 18th century, Carl von Linné. The tree grows in the tropical rainforest and has ... Read More »

What Is the Result of Removing the Cocoa Butter From Cocoa Paste?

Cocoa cakes and powder are the result of removing cocoa butter from cocoa paste. It is one of the steps in the chocolate making process. Cocoa butter is removed through a hydraulic press. ... Read More »