How to Identify a Cobra Intake Manifold?

Answer The Cobra name has been associated with Ford high performance since the 1960s, having been used on the AC Shelby Cobra, which was often equipped with Ford 289, 427 and 428 cubic-inch engines, the C... Read More »

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How to Install a Cobra Intake Manifold?

On an internal combustion engine, like that of the Mustang Cobra, the intake manifold is responsible for directing the fuel and air mixture into the cylinders. As the process completes itself, a va... Read More »

Cobra Intake Manifold Installation Instructions?

Though the small block used in most Mustangs is an excellent piece in stock form, one of its most-prized traits is how it responds to bolt-on power-enhancers. The best part about the 302 is that it... Read More »

How to Identify a Pontiac Intake Manifold?

The casting number and date code are the keys to unlocking Pontiac Intake Manifold Identification. Using a combination of both numbers and referencing them to a Pontiac number listing will correctl... Read More »

How to Identify an Intake Manifold on an Antique Automotive V-8?

The intake manifold on old engines provides the entryway of fuel and air into the engine and eventually the combustion chamber, where it turns to energy, powering the engine parts. Identifying this... Read More »