How to Identify a Battery Terminal?

Answer You should know how to identify battery terminals, particularly if you're wiring a car battery or device that has to be connected to the correct polarity. Every battery has two terminals: one posit... Read More »

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How do you identify terminal of motor compressor in refrigerator?

read terminals like a book start in the upper left corner common.... start...... and.... run terminal

Causes of Battery Terminal Corrosion?

Automotive battery terminal corrosion can be caused by a number of different factors. Typically, battery corrosion should be taken as a sign your battery is older and may be having issues. Corrosio... Read More »

How to Install a Battery Terminal?

A car's battery connects to the vehicle through the terminals, which are the sleeves that fit over the battery posts. Acid and rust degrade the terminals, which, if not monitored, will cause the te... Read More »

Battery Terminal Types?

Battery terminals are used to attach leads to the battery. A wide variety of battery terminal types exis. Automotive batteries and alkaline batteries (the small batteries that power flashlights) ar... Read More »