How to Identify a Battery Terminal?

Answer You should know how to identify battery terminals, particularly if you're wiring a car battery or device that has to be connected to the correct polarity. Every battery has two terminals: one posit... Read More »

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How do you identify terminal of motor compressor in refrigerator?

read terminals like a book start in the upper left corner common.... start...... and.... run terminal

Battery Terminal Types?

Battery terminals are used to attach leads to the battery. A wide variety of battery terminal types exis. Automotive batteries and alkaline batteries (the small batteries that power flashlights) ar... Read More »

How to Disconnect a Battery Terminal?

Disconnecting a vehicle power or ground cable from a battery terminal allows you to safely work on your vehicle or exchange the battery. When you examine your battery, you will find either top-moun... Read More »

GM Battery Terminal Removal?

When changing or cleaning the battery in a GM vehicle, there are really only two ways to remove the terminal connections. GM has only used two types of batteries in their vehicles, side post or top... Read More »