How to Identify a 1942 to 1947 Ford Pickup?

Answer Early Ford pickups, or those of the flathead V-8 era, do not have standardized vehicle identification numbers like the vehicles of today. Identification depends on visual methods as well as engine... Read More »

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1942 Ford Paint Colors?

In 1942, the United States and many European countries applied all of their economic and industrial resources toward fighting World War II. Like all other American manufacturers, Ford Motor Company... Read More »

Ford Cars Built From 1942 to 1945?

Ford is known for manufacturing vehicles as early as the 1920s. The company's vehicle production was disrupted, however, when the United States went to war in 1941. Ford was told to stop production... Read More »

On April 8, 1947 auto pioneer Henry Ford dies at his estate in Dearborn, Mi. How old was he 4/8/10?

Typing in all 3 letters (A&B&C) all @ once, will give you points for most triviaADB

How to Remove a Fan on a Ford Pickup?

In order to replace or upgrade the cooling fan system in your Ford pickup, you will need to remove the existing fan. The Ford pickup cooling fan is mounted to the engine with a clutch plate in the ... Read More »