How to Identify Yellow & Variegated Evergreen Cedar Shrubs?

Answer Cedar is a genus of narrow-leaf evergreens with either scaly, flat leaf boughs or needle-like rounded branch forms. Most cedars have a green, blue or gray cast to their foliage or some combination ... Read More »

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The Evergreen Shrubs Are Turning Yellow?

Unlike deciduous plants that drop their foliage before winter, evergreen shrubs retain their leaves and liven up the landscape all year round. Yellowing foliage on evergreen shrubs indicates a prob... Read More »

How do I identify yellow flowering shrubs?

SizeEstimate how tall the shrub is. Does it come up to your hip or does it tower over your head? Take note of the shape as well. Is it round and growing from the bottom or is it tall and cylindrica... Read More »

Shrubs With Variegated Leaves?

Variegated foliage is greenery trimmed or accented with another color, such as cream, white, yellow or red. Shrubs with variegated leaves are a lovely way to add color to a landscape, brightening d... Read More »

Shrubs With Variegated Leaves & Small Pink Flowers?

Shrubs with variegated leaves add an extra layer of color and texture to the landscape. Variegated foliage can appear mottled, streaked or have a solid center with differently hued margins. Shrubs ... Read More »