How to Identify Wild Animal Droppings?

Answer When you're walking in the woods, you might come across animal droppings, or scat. You can tell a wide variety of things about the animal that left it, and even identify the animal if you understan... Read More »

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How to Remove Animal Droppings From Car Paint?

Rain and stray shopping carts aside, bird droppings can be public enemy number one to a car lover and his car's finish. Before rushing to wipe away the "gift" with a paper towel or scrubbing it off... Read More »

How to Stalk an Animal in the Wild?

Stalking an animal can be extremely difficult, especially with all your enemies: the wind, who'll blow your scent toward the animal, the leaves and twigs, who'll snap and scare away the animal, the... Read More »

How to Identify Wild Ducks?

Wild ducks can be seen flying in flocks and by various sites where there is water. You can probably see ducks swimming and walking around at a local park where there is water. Ducks will stay near ... Read More »

How to Identify Wild Flowers?

Wildflowers as far as you can seeIdentifying wild flowers can be a great way of learning about nature without having to run after animals who, for some reason, don't like standing still long enough... Read More »