How to Identify Which iPod Touch You Have?

Answer If you just got a used iPod touch, you will need to know what generation have to know what updates are supported on the device. Apple doesn't always print the generation of the iPod touch on the de... Read More »

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What does the up coming ipod touch 5g has that the ipod touch 4g doesn't have?

I realize someone put as an answer that it has to do with internet speeds (Between 3G and 4G), make no mistake that it has nothing to do with that, however they did increase processing speed. Apple... Read More »

Im debating on whether to get an ipod nano or an iPod touch. Which would be better to get?

Both are awesome and both work great but you need to find out what are features you are looking for. If you think most of the time you wont be within Wi-Fi area then dont get Touch get NanoIf you t... Read More »

Which one Should I buy iPod touch or iPod nano?

iTouch has all the cool applications that you can buy. It also has the touch screen, which for me, is easier. The iTouch is $299-$399 depending on the kind you want and the nano is $149, I believe.... Read More »

I would like to get the ipod touch 32gb but the ipod classic holds more and it's less money which sould i get?

i had the same dilemma. i came to the conclusion that since the touch has more applications and things to do, i would get that as i can hook up to the net, add things, etc. on top of listening to m... Read More »