How to Identify Where Taoism Is Followed Today?

Answer The Tao (sometimes spelled the way it's pronounced, "Dao," based on different transliteration traditions) is literally "The Way," the unformed, guiding energy behind the universe. Through the teac... Read More »

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Where is the Sharia law followed?

The Sharia law is followed in places with Muslim communities. Sharia is the sacred law of Islam; Muslims believe that Sharia is God's law. While it is widely used in countries with large Muslim pop... Read More »

The duty of all within the sector to safeguard children including difficulties in the situation where your concerns may not be taken seriously or followed through?

How to Describe Taoism?

Lao-TzuTaoism is an ancient Chinese religion and Philosophy based on the teachings in the Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu. Taoism is often difficult to describe to people who have never heard of it, as the... Read More »

How to Learn Taoism?

So you would like to learn all about Taoism. You are curious about other cultures, and that includes religion, and think that Taoism might be very interesting to learn about. Well, I have news for ... Read More »