How to Identify Welding Rods?

Answer Welding rods come in various sizes and specifications. To help with differentiating them, the American Welding Society has developed a part number numbering system that can be used to identify weld... Read More »

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Different Welding Rods & Their Uses?

Welding rods are also known as welding electrodes. While some welding electrodes are ideal for general-purpose welding, most electrodes are designed for specific applications. In many welding appli... Read More »

What are welding rods made of?

Ferrous welding rod are made of carbon, alloy steel or cast iron. Non-ferrous welding rods can be made from bronze, magnesium, aluminum, copper or silver. Alloys of aluminum and magnesium may also ... Read More »

How to Dispose of Welding Rods?

Welding rods or wires are filler metals used to weld or fuse two metals. Industries such as construction, shipbuilding and aerospace use welding rods. If your welding project has left-over welding ... Read More »

How to Remove Moisture From Welding Rods?

A welding rod coating creates a shielding slag for the weld puddle, providing protection for the weld against porosity. When the rod coating absorbs moisture, it will have adverse effects on the fi... Read More »