How to Identify WWF and WWE Figures?

Answer WWE action figures have been released since the 1980s and come from several production companies including Hasbro, LJN and Jakks Pacific. Knowing the difference between official WWE figures and fig... Read More »

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How to Identify & Explain Parallelogram Figures?

Shapes are everywhere you look. They are in buildings, pictures and even on faces. It is easy to identify basic shapes such as squares and triangles, but some shapes are just a little different. A ... Read More »

What does six figures mean?

The term "six figures" pertains to the salary someone makes (before taxes are extracted). To be making a "six figure" salary you must be making $100,000 or more in your profession.References:Salary... Read More »

What Are Congruent Figures?

If two figures are the same shape and size, they are congruent. If they are the same shape but not the same size, they are similar, but not congruent. Congruent figures are also similar, but simila... Read More »

How to Weather Figures?

Artists create figures that look old and weathered. Weathered figures look good as decorations in a home or garden, and many people like weathered-looking items in their home. Simple painting techn... Read More »