How to Identify Sugar Maple From Seeds?

Answer The seeds of the sugar maple are distinct from those of other types of maples. The sugar maple (Acer saccharum) is a broadleaf shade tree that is native to North America. It is best known for its p... Read More »

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How to Identify Sugar Maple Trees?

The sugar maple tree (acer sacharum) grows abundantly in the northeastern part of North America. Sugar maples produce strong, versatile timber and yield maple syrup - both commodities that contribu... Read More »

How to Whip Maple Syrup to Make Maple Sugar Candy?

Make your own maple sugar candy with whipped maple syrup, or maple cream. Whipped maple syrup is often called maple cream because after boiling the syrup gains an appearance and texture similar to ... Read More »

Can you root Sugar Maple from hardwood cuttings?

No, that won't work.They are really easy to start from seeds, you will see many seedlings around maples in the woods. So come fall when they shed their seeds, collect some and plant them.

How to Eat Maple Seeds?

Green maple seeds.If you have a maple tree, you probably get an overflow of their seeds once a year. The good news is, these are edible.[1] When cooked, they taste like a cross between peas and hom... Read More »