How to Identify Subjects in a Sentence?

Answer For people who haven't had any formal grammar education or who are not native English speakers, identifying the subject of a sentence may be a difficult assignment to complete. If you are in one of... Read More »

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How to Construct a Sentence With Three Subjects?

In order to write a sentence with three subjects, it is important to understand sentence structure. Every sentence must have one subject and one verb or it is not a sentence. This type of sentenc... Read More »

How to Identify Sentence Structure Errors?

Sentence structure errors can destroy an otherwise viable written presentation. Punctuation errors, such as misplaced commas or missing periods, are a common cause of sentence structure flaws. Lear... Read More »

How to Identify a Declarative Sentence Type?

Sentences are often divided into four main types. A declarative sentence is the most common and most important sentence type used in the English language. The other three types are interrogative, i... Read More »

How to Use APA Format Within a Paragraph or Sentence to Identify the Elements in a Series?

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) includes guidelines for the proper format of papers written for the social sciences. If you are a student of psychology, psych... Read More »