How to Identify Shapes Like Rhombuses?

Answer A rhombus resembles a slanted square creating the appearance of a diamond. A rhombus is a polygon, meaning it is a closed plane figure with straight sides and the same amount of angles as sides. A ... Read More »

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Geometry: How to Identify Shapes?

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals, in part, with two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. These figures can be categorized by their attributes such as sides, angles, faces, edges... Read More »

Different Eye Shapes?

Eyes, like bodies, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To get the most out of your eye shape, learn to use the proper types of eye makeup and the right colors. Figure out contouring and shading ... Read More »

How to Learn About Shapes for Pre-K?

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What do different diamond shapes mean?

Although round diamonds account for over 75% of diamond sales, according to, there are several other diamond shapes to choose from. Each cut has its own specific meaning, expres... Read More »