How to Identify Sentence Structure Errors?

Answer Sentence structure errors can destroy an otherwise viable written presentation. Punctuation errors, such as misplaced commas or missing periods, are a common cause of sentence structure flaws. Lear... Read More »

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How to Avoid Sentence Errors?

A sentence is made of one or more words that express a complete thought. The subject and the predicate are the two main parts of a sentence. The subject names the person or thing doing the action i... Read More »

SAT Teacher Tips for Identifying Sentence Errors?

Taking the SAT can be an intimidating experience, but with the right support and advice from teachers it can become an accessible task. The writing portion of the exam, which includes a section on ... Read More »

How to Use the Process of Elimination With Identifying Sentence Errors?

The questions on the SAT that require you to identify sentence errors are carefully designed to trick you into choosing answers that sound correct but are not. The surest way to find the correct an... Read More »

Sentence Structure Games for Children?

There are three basic types of sentences: simple, compound and complex. Simple sentences contain an independent clause (that is, a subject and a verb making a complete thought). Compound sentences ... Read More »