How to Identify Salvia Divinorum Plants?

Answer Salvia divinorum is native to the small Oaxaca region of Mexico. It was used for divination and spiritual ceremonies by the native culture. The plant remains widely used as a hallucinogen.Distinct ... Read More »

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How do I buy salvia divinorum?

LegalityResearch the salvia laws in your state to determine whether you can legally purchase salvia divinorum. The herb is not regulated under the federal Controlled Substances Act, and the laws va... Read More »

Is salvia divinorum legal in the U.S.?

The legal status of salvia divinorum varies by state. Fifteen states have laws prohibiting salvia outright. They are Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi,... Read More »

How long does salvia divinorum last?

Salvia Divinorum is a legal psychedelic substance that is usually consumed by smoking it. The strongest effects of the substance typically lasts around five to ten minutes. After 30 minutes, all si... Read More »

What is Salvia divinorum made of?

Salvia divinorum, when used as a hallucinogenic drug, is made from both the fresh and dried leaves of a Salvia plant. Salvia is commonly ingested by either smoking or chewing these leaves.Reference... Read More »