How to Identify Outdoor Plant Insects?

Answer Insects on outdoor plants is a common problem that can sap the health of plants and diminish fruit and vegetable yields. Some of the more common insects that attack garden plants include aphids, th... Read More »

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White Outdoor Plants & Insects?

Home gardeners often place white plants and flowers in their yards or gardens. A variety of attractive plants produce white blooms, such as gardenia, Dusty miller and the Fourfold White iris. These... Read More »

Do outdoor plants repel insects?

More commonly outdoor plants attract insects for flower pollination, but there are a few species that naturally repel insects. Marigolds, tansy, lavender, nasturtiums, pennyroyal, petunias and most... Read More »

How to Control Scale Insects on Outdoor Plants?

�Scale" is an insect that can infect your outdoor plants and cause a huge infestation in surrounding plants, including your fruits and vegetables. The name comes from the insect's characteristic ... Read More »

How to Protect Wooden Outdoor Furniture From Wood-Boring Insects?

If you have wooden outdoor furniture, take special measures to make sure it is protected from certain insects that love to eat wood. Three species of beetles -- powderpost, deathwatch and false pow... Read More »