How to Identify Outdoor Plant Insects?

Answer Insects on outdoor plants is a common problem that can sap the health of plants and diminish fruit and vegetable yields. Some of the more common insects that attack garden plants include aphids, th... Read More »

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Do outdoor plants repel insects?

More commonly outdoor plants attract insects for flower pollination, but there are a few species that naturally repel insects. Marigolds, tansy, lavender, nasturtiums, pennyroyal, petunias and most... Read More »

White Outdoor Plants & Insects?

Home gardeners often place white plants and flowers in their yards or gardens. A variety of attractive plants produce white blooms, such as gardenia, Dusty miller and the Fourfold White iris. These... Read More »

How to Control Scale Insects on Outdoor Plants?

�Scale" is an insect that can infect your outdoor plants and cause a huge infestation in surrounding plants, including your fruits and vegetables. The name comes from the insect's characteristic ... Read More »

How to Identify Flying Insects?

Flying insects are insects with wings and can be seen both indoors and outdoors. There are many kinds of insects that can fly, some beautiful to look at while others are not so attractive. Yet, all... Read More »