How to Identify Old Brass Candlesticks?

Answer Many homeowners love brass and long to obtain genuine authentic pieces such as light fixtures, lamps and candlesticks. You may feel the same way, but worry that you will be duped into buying an imi... Read More »

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How do I remove wax from brass candlesticks?

Run Warm WaterRemove the candle from the brass candlestick holder. Turn on the water faucet and wait till the running water is warm, but not hot.Remove the WaxHold the brass candlestick holder unde... Read More »

Types of Candlesticks?

Candlestick charts are used to read the stock market. Stock markets use red and green colored candlesticks, which are rectangle shapes with a vertical line at the top and bottom called shadows. The... Read More »

How do i clean silver candlesticks?

Removing WaxSoak the candlestick in very warm water to remove excess wax, and the candle will come off easily with a gentle pull or push. Do not scrape a candle nub off of the stick as this can cau... Read More »

How to Trade Candlesticks on Forex?

Foreign currency exchange (Forex) is a demanding financial market that requires extensive experience to trade consistently well. Forex traders speculate on the fluctuations of currency exchange rat... Read More »