How to Identify Moissanite From Diamond?

Answer Moissanite is a stone that is very similar to diamond in both appearance and hardness. Moissanite--also known as silicone carbide--does occur naturally but is too rare in nature to be used in jewel... Read More »

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Is a moissanite as good as a diamond?

On One Hand: Moissanite Has Good PointsMoissanite comes from silicon carbide, a naturally occurring mineral. The quantities are too limited to produce jewels, so moissanite is manufactured through ... Read More »

Where does moissanite come from?

Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone, created in labs. It is known for its close resemblance to genuine diamonds. This synthetic gem is inspired by a mineral discovered by Henri Moissan. The mineral ... Read More »

What Is a Moissanite Gemstone?

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but moissanite might be able to take a close second. This hard and brilliant gemstone has several qualities that make it superior to diamonds to some people, w... Read More »

Is moissanite better than diamonds?

On One Hand: Diamonds Are Classic GemstonesDiamonds are the hardest natural substance with a rating of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. The majority of diamonds are used for industrial applications s... Read More »