How to Identify Military Axles?

Answer Having the proper axle on your car or truck is essential to the longevity of your suspension; if you have a monster truck or off-road vehicle, a regular civilian axle might not be enough for you. Y... Read More »

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How to Identify Different Wagoneer Dana 44 Front Axles?

Being one of the Dana/Spicer Corporation's most popular differential units, the Model 44 has been used by virtually every domestic automaker in both front and rear wheel-drive applications. The Dan... Read More »

How to Identify Military Buttons?

Each branch of the military has different buttons and symbols to identify themselves: the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Air Force. Different officers from different branches of the military ... Read More »

How to Identify Military Jet Pictures?

Since the advent of aviation in the early 1900s, civilians and military personnel have been "spotting," or identifying, military aircraft for professional purposes or simply out of interest over th... Read More »

How Can I Identify an Old Military Uniform?

If time is a movie then antique uniforms are stills; they capture fragments of the world as it was in the dark days of wars gone by. Look in your attic or closet, you might have a piece of history... Read More »