How to Identify Linking & Helping Verbs?

Answer There are three types of verbs -- linking, helping and action -- including some that overlap, so it is no wonder that many students have trouble identifying which is which. With a few rules and som... Read More »

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What Are the Basic Linking Verbs?

A verb is often described as an action word; a word that expresses an action. For example: "run," "jump," "eat" and "sleep" all express actions. However, in English, some verbs do not describe an a... Read More »

Lesson Ideas: Helping Verbs?

Helping verbs include the auxiliary verbs "be, "do" and "have" as well as the modal auxiliary verbs "can," "could," "may," "might," "will," "would," "must," "shall," "should" and "ought to." Englis... Read More »

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Linking two sheets in excel?

If the two worksheets (within a single workbook) both have exactly the same "names" on each sheet, and each "name" is located on the same Row on both sheets, then it is a very simple formula that w... Read More »