How to Identify Linked Pictures in Microsoft Word?

Answer Being able to distinguish linked from embedded graphics in a Word document is important for several reasons. One is that a linked graphic will fail to display once you move the graphics file to a l... Read More »

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How to Make a Linked .doc Open in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word allows you to open a .doc file directly in your current .docx document. Doing so gives you the option to "link" to the original file, rather than statically embedding its text. By li... Read More »

In Microsoft Word, how do you put on pictures?

Assuming you're using Word 97-'03 and not 2007... Drop in a picture. You'll notice (as I'm sure you already have), that it's extremley hard to format. Microsoft Word is mostly for....words. However... Read More »

Can you put moving pictures on microsoft word?

You can just insert animated images inside. Probably animated GIF files. You can get a lot from Internet.

How do you put microsoft word pictures on the internet?

Some sites don't recognice pictures saved in microsoft word. What you can do is copy them and paste them into paint, almost every computer has it, and then save them into paint, it will be easer to... Read More »