How to Identify Glass Trading Beads?

Answer Glass trade beads are collectible, and their origin is vast. Widely used during the settlement of the New World, trade beads were used by Christopher Columbus to gain the approval of the natives of... Read More »

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How to Identify Vintage Beads?

Vintage beads are a collector's item and can also be reused in beaded jewelery projects. Identifying vintage beads from modern beads is a useful skill, especially where the cost difference matters ... Read More »

How Are Glass Beads Made?

Early man began making glass beads as adornments. Although tools used to make glass beads have grown safer and more sophisticated, the techniques used to make glass beads changed little. Visit muse... Read More »

How to Blow Glass Beads?

Glassblowing is an art form.

How to Use Glass Beads for Balancing?

Glass beads are used to balance tires. In order for the tire to balance properly, glass beads need to be inserted within the tire's core. The process of inserting the glass beads into the tire may ... Read More »