How to Identify Gender Bias in Research?

Answer Gender bias refers to the unfair and often unconscious exclusion or over-representation of one gender in research or other forums. Spotting gender bias can be difficult, because it so often plays i... Read More »

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About Gender Bias in the Classroom?

Gender bias in the classroom happens when a teacher or school subliminally promotes certain behavior from one gender. This bias may come from the teacher's personal bias or societal bias -- "tradit... Read More »

Single parent gender bias?

Sexism still runs rampant. We expect women to make better choices. Men, we're simply happy if they step up to the plate. Sad, isn't it?It's the same old debate. A woman sleeps around, she has loose... Read More »

Avoiding Gender Bias in the Classroom?

Teachers oftentimes have no conscious knowledge that they may be relying on gender biases. However, once the problem has been acknowledged, several steps can be taken to reverse the bias and preven... Read More »

Science Fair Projects on Gender Bias?

The psychology of gender is a source of much controversy in the sociological world. Some argue that differences in psychology between genders are products of cultural expectations and that they are... Read More »