How to Identify Fingerprint Ridgelines?

Answer Fingerprints are different for each individual, even identical twins. Fingerprint ridges create the recognizable patterns that police can use to match a fingerprint to a suspect. Apart from the wel... Read More »

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What type of security using a physical trait or characteristic like fingerprint to identify a person?

Why time Attendance fingerprint scanners can't take some employees fingerprint?

Does my computer have a fingerprint...?

More or less your computer does have a fingerprint. However, it is not the IP. As a DHCP server will always assign a different IP based on the subnet of the given network. So unless you have a stat... Read More »

Can you fingerprint a mailbox?

You can dust any hard, non-porous surface for fingerprints. That includes the wood and metals commonly used to make mailboxes. If dusting is ineffective, you can use superglue or iodine fuming to p... Read More »