How to Identify Corningware?

Answer Corningware is highly collectible dishware, once a popular gift for newlyweds. This product was very unique when it was introduced, because the material from which it was made had never been seen b... Read More »

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How is CorningWare made?

CorningWare bakeware was introduced in 1958 and made from a glass-ceramic material by Corning Glass Works in Corning, New York, a city in the Finger Lakes region which is world-renowned for its gla... Read More »

Can you microwave corningware?

Yes. CorningWare's seven styles of bakeware and dinnerware are all microwave safe. The pieces are also safe for use in the oven (conventional, toaster or convection), refrigerator, freezer and dish... Read More »

How hot can you bake CorningWare?

Ceramic cookware can withstand temperatures of at least 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the makers of CorningWare caution customers not to subject their products to direct heat sources like stovet... Read More »

Can you put CorningWare on top of a stove?

It is not advisable to put CorningWare on top of the stove. CorningWare is porcelain, so if you put it on or near a direct heat source, it could break or shatter and cause injury. The bottom of the... Read More »