How to Identify Caterpillars With a White Smooth Black Stripe?

Answer It can be daunting to determine the identify of a caterpillar discovered lurking in your garden if you don't know where to find insect identification-related resources. To increase your chances of ... Read More »

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How to Identify Birds With Black Tops, White Bottoms & Red Throats?

Birds are among people's most interesting neighbors and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Several species of birds have bright red throats, black tops and white bottoms. Though identif... Read More »

What does a red flag with a diagonal white stripe mean?

A red flag with a diagonal white stripe, often referred to as the diver down flag, indicates to boaters that SCUBA divers are in the water. This allows boaters to remain a safe distance from the di... Read More »

How to Identify a Black & White Spider?

Spiders are one of the most misunderstood animals around. There's no doubt that you should keep your distance from a number of poisonous spiders, but by and large spiders are harmless and are an im... Read More »

Black woman has baby with a white man is the child white or black?

well it depends on how WHITE and BLACK the two people are, if the dad isn't that dark but the mom is pretty white it would most likely be a baby with a TINY bit dark skin but if the mom is really w... Read More »