How to Identify Ancient Coins?

Answer Coin history covers much of human history. Therefore, finding the exact date or location that a society produced a certain coin may take some detailed and exhausting research. However, the pleasure... Read More »

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How to Clean Ancient Coins?

Ancient coins offer a window into the past. Read on to find out how to clean ancient coins without ruining their beauty or value.

What are ancient Roman coins called?

Ancient Romans coins came in more than 20 denominations, with values based on the metal they contained. Four of the most common during the Republic and Imperial periods were the copper As, the bras... Read More »

How to Identify 500 Francs Coins?

The 500-franc gold coins are commemorative issues struck specifically for collector markets. France has produced gold since Roman times when it was known as gaul. The 20-franc gold coin was the las... Read More »

How to Identify the Mint Marks on Roman Coins?

The Roman Empire encompassed modern-day Europe, north Africa and parts of the Middle East, stretching from Spain to Palestine during its heyday. Romans began minting coins at the beginning of the t... Read More »