How to Identify Ancient Christian Bibles?

Answer The New Testament is the single most copied work in antiquity. Literally thousands of these ancient Bibles, or fragments of these Bibles, have survived to the present day. Manuscripts are still bei... Read More »

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How many Christian Bibles are sold each year?

It may not be possible to exactly calculate the number of Bibles sold annually. "The New Yorker" estimates that, in 2005, Americans bought about 25 million copies of the book. The Amusing Facts Web... Read More »

How to Learn a Language Using Audio Bibles for Native Pronunciation in Modern Bibles?

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How to Identify Ancient Coins?

Coin history covers much of human history. Therefore, finding the exact date or location that a society produced a certain coin may take some detailed and exhausting research. However, the pleasure... Read More »

How to Identify Markings on an Ancient Texas Indian Pottery Vase?

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