How to: Ideas to Cover Up Joker Tattoos on the Shoulders?

Answer Joker tattoos can signify that the wearer is a joker or likes to laugh at jokes. But as can happen with tattoos, the person wearing the may get tired of it. Or, they may find themselves in circumst... Read More »

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Cover-Up Ideas for Wrist Tattoos?

Wrist tattoos are easily spotted by others because of their obvious position near the hands, and because most people generally do not wear long sleeves all year long. If you want to conceal your wr... Read More »

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How to Cover Tattoos?

Maybe you have a job interview, a formal dinner or are in the wedding party of a really straight-laced couple. In any event, you want to hide your tattoos. Short of having them surgically removed, ... Read More »

Homemade Costume Ideas for the Joker?

As DC Comics' perennial villain, the Joker represents the antithesis of his nemesis The Batman. The raving clown-faced psycho has been brought to life in TV and film, notably by Caesar Romero in th... Read More »