How to Ice Your Knees Before a Game?

Answer A twisted or sprained knee is painful and can wind up benching you for a while. Icing your knee before your next game, combined with rest, an anti-inflammatory, a compression wrap and elevation may... Read More »

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How can I fix my knees?

Why do my knees go in?

Genetics? From wearing thongs/flip-flops? From not walking properly? From having a straight posture? No idea, to be honest - I have the same problem. My mum says that I will grow out of it, all my ... Read More »

My knees hurt when I run, why?

If the bone joints are very weak then this may also cause to pain. Lack of vitamin and calcium also leads to such issues. Make the inclusion of the natural food sources to strengthen the joints.

What does it mean when your knees are burning hot?

That's ussualy a major sign of inflammation and being that it's both knees thats very indicative of Arthtritis. I dont know your age but yes Arthritis can occur at any age and often starts out like... Read More »