How do you reset an ipod nano with a frozen screen?

Answer I have had the same problem. Clam down and relax. The way apple suggest to fix this issue is to: 1. slide the hold button (one on the bottom of your iPod) and then slide it back. 2. Hold the cent... Read More »

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Frozen ipod?

flip the "hold" switch on then off. Then hold the Center button and the Menu button at the same time for about 6 will restart.

My Ipod is frozen, Help please!?

hold the middle button down for a long time till it comes backon

Ipod frozen?

Thats a common error among the iPod models (nano and the Classic). The trick is to just hold the center button and the Menu button together till the device reboots. This problem mostly occurs right... Read More »

What do I do: My iPod's frozen?

hold down the menu button ( a long time) until the screen goes black and restarts