How to I move my side fringe to the left?

Answer easy - I've done this a few times - just part your hair to the right - it's going to look strange at first because it's not trained :) just pin it in its place until it's trained

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Poll: Which side do you wear your bangs/fringe on - Left or Right?

I've noticed that a fair amount of girls where their bangs to the left, however, mine are to the right, because they do not suit me on the left. If you're asking this because you don't know which ... Read More »

How to Move an Anchor Tag to the Left Side?

When you include an anchor on your Web page, you are providing a link that is set to open up at a specific section of a Web page. Anchor tags are often included on the same page as the sections to ... Read More »

Can I move a scroll bar to the left side for a lefthanded tablet PC?

ICertain programs allow users to swap the scrollbar from right to left, as does Windows allow you to move the bottom task bar. There is a program, popular among left-handed PC users, called LeftScr... Read More »

My taskbar moved 2 the left side of the screen i'd like it back on the bottom and don't know how 2 move it?

hold a click over it and drag it to the bottom of the screen