How to Hyper Jump in "Heli Attack 3"?

Answer "Heli Attack 3" is a Flash, side-scrolling action game that lets players use multiple weapons including guns and explosives. Though the game's standard jump move is useful for all of the levels, th... Read More »

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Helicopter Cheats for Heli Attack 3 Flash Game?

"Heli Attack 3" is an Internet helicopter Flash game. The objective of the game is to survive continuing waves of helicopters in each level by shooting them down before they shoot you. "Heli Attack... Read More »

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Does BBC have a heli pad?

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How to Install Heli-coils?

Heli-coil inserts can save valuable parts and time. A stripped female bolt thread on an expensive piece of metal such as an engine block can be repaired. Heli-coils generally come in a kit with par... Read More »