How to Hunt for Gems?

Answer Hunting for gems is an activity one can do in nearly every geographic location around the world. To properly hunt for gems (or any rocks or minerals for that matter), it's important to decide what ... Read More »

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How to Cut Gems?

Cutting gemstones is a process that dates back thousands of years. Often referred to as faceting, the process involves taking a rough gemstone and transforming it in to a polished, sparkling master... Read More »

How to Pan for Creek Gems?

Panning and screening for gems was once a way of life and is still a popular hobby. Gems and minerals can be found in creeks and streams; the water flowing across the ground pulls precious stones f... Read More »

How to Detect Lab Gems?

Lab gems, also called synthetic gems, are human-made versions of the gems that are formed naturally in the earth. In most cases, these are created to essentially appear to be the same as gems that ... Read More »

Are pearls gems?

Pearls are organic gems, meaning they are gems that a living creature created. A pearl forms when an oyster covers an irritant it ingested with a substance called nacre. Gemstones like sapphires ar... Read More »