How to Hot Comb Black Hair?

Answer Although many black women straighten their hair with chemicals, others use hot combs. A hot comb is a metal comb that uses heat to temporarily straighten Afro-textured hair--a process known as ther... Read More »

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How to Comb Tender Headed Black Hair?

Many African Americans can relate to, or have experienced, a sensitive, tender scalp and know how painful it can be when having your hair combed. While this is common for children who wear their ha... Read More »

How to Hot Comb Hair?

A hot comb is a very thin metal picked comb with a heat resistant handle. The forks of the comb are heated up to be brushed through the hair. The heat straightens the hair while the comb is able to... Read More »

How to Comb Wet Hair?

According to the website Hair Finder, a person's hair is the most fragile when it is wet. Using a hairbrush can pull on the individual hairs, stretch them and even yank some of them out. It is bett... Read More »

How to Insert a Hair Comb?

A hair comb is a hair accessory with many teeth. Similar to a comb used to detangle the hair, hair comb accessories are usually shorter in length. A hair comb is used to decorate the hair and hold ... Read More »