How to Hook up an iPod to a Computer Connection?

Answer The iPod is one of the world's most popular MP3 players because of its ease of use. You can simply drag and drop video and audio files from your computer to the device to expand your on-the-go coll... Read More »

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Is there a connection for you to hook up a directv box to your computer?

Can you hook up a router to a computer that is not connected to the modem, but still has internet connection?

Depending on the type of device this spare is, it will most likely not be able to provide you any additional range of signal in your home. The only way this would be possible is if it were a modem/... Read More »

How do you hook up an ipod nano to your computer. Does it come with a usb cord?

it should come w/ a chord cause mine did. u can also try buying an additional chord at any electronic store because that's the only way to hook it up to ur computer.

Is it possible to have one computer with a wired connection and another with a wireless connection?

Yes. I have it set up in my house like this: the cable modem is hooked up to the router, then the ethernet from the router to the desktop computer. And your laptop will remain wireless. Make se... Read More »