How to Hook up Tape Recorders for Phone Calls?

Answer One way to record phone calls is to use a tape-driven answering machine. Alternatively, hook up a tape-deck to a phone line to record calls as well. To do this, you need some way of getting the aud... Read More »

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How do i tape phone calls?

there are several ways to do it!!landline, Olympus J500 Standard Recorder with Record/Playback Interface * Up to 3 hours recording time on a single microcassette * Voice-activated * 10 FRE... Read More »

Is it illegal to tape record phone calls in Kansas?

It is not illegal to record telephone conversations in Kansas if certain conditions are met. You can never record conversations that you are not part of. However, if one party to the conversation h... Read More »

How to Use Tape Recorders in KS1 Literacy?

Tape recorders can be useful devices in almost any classroom. However, in KS1 Literacy, which is the basic literacy class in the United Kingdom, the tape recorder will likely be used as an educatio... Read More »

Tape Recorders in the Classroom?

Tape recorders provide cheap and interactive educational activities for students that teachers cannot provide. Tapes are important for use in foreign language and history classes. Tapes allow teach... Read More »